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Friday 19 October 2018
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Lose Weight Quick Diets – The Best is Cheat Your Way Thin

Looking for lose weight quick diets? Look no farther than The Cheat Your Way Thin Program by Joel Marion. This diet program explains how strategically adding a cheat day to your weekly diet plan not only causes faster fat loss but also satisfies your cravings and keeps your metabolism humming like a humming bird!

The problem with the typical lose weight quick diets.

The problem with fast dieting is that you by definition have to restrict your calorie intake which sends up red flags in your body. As it works out your body has a defense mechanism built in that protects you from starving to death. There is a hormone in your body called leptin which monitors how much food you are consuming. When it registers that your food consumption has dropped dramatically it alerts the body to the possibility of famine.

What the body then does is slams the brakes on your metabolism in order to preserve your stored energy, what you call fat. Yes, that is right, you body actually holds onto fat harder when you are dieting.

Can you see now why most lose weight quick diets don’t work? When you starve yourself or dramatically reduce your calories your metabolism (which is what allows fat burning to go on) grinds to a halt. In fact some studies show that metabolism can drop as much as 50% in one week of intense dieting. Not good!

How cheating can help you lose weight fast.

What you need to do in order to lose weight fast and keep the weight dropping off each week is find a way to boost your metabolism on a regular basis. And so you learned that strongly reducing your calorie intake drops your metabolism, but the opposite is also true. If you want to restore your metabolism then what you must do is eat more… A LOT more.

This is why scheduling a “Cheat Day” works. For six days you reduce your calories (note – I didn’t say starve yourself) and then on day 7 you cheat and eat any favorite food you want. You can wake up and have pancakes, have fast food or pizza, enjoy some ice cream, nothing is off limits.

Since during the cheat day you will be consuming carbohydrates you will notice water gain but this is quickly eliminated when you move into your 6 diet days and you are left with the tremendous fat burning potential of a fully functional metabolism all week long.

Of all of the lose weight quick diets on the market not one can hold a candle to Create Your Way Thin. It has you eating good healthy foods, keeps your metabolism high and gives you a scheduled break from dieting.

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